There's a Partyopoly in Drupal and you're invited...

So, Partyopoly is in alpha2 and I thought it was time to start talking about it. There is a long and well thought out description on the sandbox page, but it's a bit marketing-y and I am more of a fan of look and touch than lets think about it.

So here it is!

The Journey

I have been working on this project for a long time on many different sites and iterations, but I wanted to figure out how the 'package' as it currently exits works for someone who has never used it before...


Partyopoly is currently still in a sandbox. So the best way to get it on a server is to git clone the repository and then use 'drush make' to build it the web root.

cd /var/www/git

git clone partyopoly

drush make partyopoly/build-partyopoly.make /var/www/partyopoly

This will build drupal and download a huge amount of modules that partyopoly requires, while checking out the relative commit messages and in some cases applying various patches from the various issue queues.

Don't you love distributed code?

Now you are able to install drupal as usuall and... Oh dear, it uses omega as a default theme!

Quick, throw Marinelli on there so that it at least has some skin!

Anyone else struggle to find simple clean drupal themes for demo sites?

Now we need to configure it a little.


First things first, Partyopoly has a wonderful feature that is the Party Dashboard, but before we can take a closer look, we need to configure solr.

< shock > No not SOLR! < / shock >

Don't worry, you can swap out the Solr Server with a Database Server and the indexes will still work out of the box.

If you have never set up solr before these two posts should help:

Or you could read my blog post (shameless plug) here

Next head over to

Configuration -> Search and Metadata -> Search API 

(/admin/config/search/search_api) and enable the Solr Server and the Party Index

Next we can start adding Parties to the site. Go to the Party Dashboard (/admin/party). This should still be a bit boring because our index is empty,

so click on Add Individual, fill in some details and save.

We may need to clear caches or go back to the Party Index settings and tell it to index the first time, but we should now have our first Party on the Dashboard!


Lets start building!

Lets add a few more Individuals and also an Organisation. Its starting to look pretty good.

I can even add Individuals to said Organisation or kill off an employee!

Imaginary employee homocide is no joke, so lets not get carried away!

That is basically it! There are many more things that Partyopoly comes with, but as a first taste, I think that suffices.

Demo Site:

Feel free to click around the demo site to have a look, but don't try to add/edit/delete any content...