Preparation for Ionic Apps on Mac

This is a 'Work in Progress' because I am neither a Mac person nor an App Developer.

So if you need expert advice, keep googling :)


Firstly you need to install Xcode to get a default ios environment set up.
Install Xcode from the app store and register your Developer Account (btw... you need a Developer Account) and download the CLI:

Xcode -> Preferences -> Downloads -> Command Line Tools

Picture of Xcode


We will need node installed so we can get all our dependencies. On Mac the easiest way to get Node.js is using Brewdog.

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Next we use brewdog to install node.

brew install node

And done!

Start downloading the node modules we need to start with we will get cordova, ionic and gulp.

# FYI: -g is for global
npm install -g cordova ionic gulp

Note: You may need need to use sudo...

Building your Project

Either create a new project using the ionic command line or clone a git repo to get your project structure:

# New Project
ionic start myApp sidemenu

# Use Existing
git clone --branch ionic

Change into the project root directory and build your project:

ionic platform add ios    # Add the ios platform to project
ionic build ios           # Compile the ios code
ionic emulate ios         # Launch the app on an ios Simulator

ionic run ios             # Launch on device*

*Once you have your device registered and the app signed.

iOS Device Signing

So up to now you have an Ionic app that you can run on an iOS Simulator, but not on an actual device. This is really as far as I've gotten myself, I don't own ANY Apple products.

I have done the above work on a virtual machine using iAtkos

But in theory people are able to get Developer Certificate, App Certificate, Device Certificate and tie them all together to allow you to test a single App on a couple of devices...

Good luck!

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